For Educators

As students learn about the history of our country in social studies, there is also ample room to teach them about our voting system and ways in which it might be improved. We have several resources available to teachers, parents and academic assistants who are interested in including discussions around voting and voting processes into the curriculum.

For more complete information on voting systems in the classroom, take a look at FairVote's Learning Democracy, a set of curricula designed to be picked up and included in classroom discussions.

For IRV-related information, the following ballots are easily picked up for fun IRV demonstrations in school discussions, curricula or school projects:

Ice Cream Ballot 

  • Lead your classroom in an IRV election to determine what ice cream people prefer the most!


What's Your Class' Favorite Color? 

  • Let your students use IRV to determine the preferred color of the majority of students with this ballot!



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