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    Ranked choice voting (RCV, or “instant runoff voting”) was used for the first time in Portland, Maine to elect the mayor in November 2011. The city voted to use ranked choice voting in November 2010 at the same time they decided to have an elected rather than an appointed mayor position. The position of Mayor in Portland had not been elected for 88 years.

    See FairVote's Ranked Choice Voting in Portland, Maine page for more information.

  2. Where IRV is Used


    Instant Runoff Voting is used by many governments and organizations in the United States and in several other nations as a fair and economical way to conduct elections. 

    Visit IRV in Action to find out more about where IRV is used and how it has been received.

  3. How IRV Works


    Instant runoff voting is a form of ranked choice voting that simulates majority runoff elections in a single round of voting by allowing voters to rank candidates in order of choice.

    Visit IRV Basics to learn more about how the system works and watch an animation explaining the counting process.